Open Days: Europeiska veckan för regioner och städer 4-7 oktober

Den 4-7 oktober hålls EUs Open Days. Årets vecka fokuserar på Europas framtida konkurrenskraft och strukturstöd. Ett stort antal seminarier och debatter anordnas runtom i Europa för att diskutera olika aspekter av EU2020-strategin. I Sverige hålls evenemang på en rad orter, bl.a. Malmö, Karlstad, Norrköping, Örebro, Göteborg, Uppsala och Stockholm. I Bryssel kan besökare ta del av ett fullspäckat program under hela veckan. Vill du veta mer? Läs mer om Open Days här.

Europeiska Kulturparlamentet lanserar “Sustainable Culture”

Europeiska Kulturparlamentet har lanserat begreppet “Sustainable Culture” under sin nionde session, som denna gång hölls i Aten. ECP diskuterade frågor som t.ex vikten av subventionerad, fristående kultur i Europas fortsatta utveckling, och dess demokratiska och humanistiska värde i vår framtid. Ett hundratal konstnärer och artister skrev på ett uppropet som förmedlas till EUs medlemsstater och till Bryssel. Du kan läsa mer om ECPs arbete här.

Athens Declaration 2010 (PDF)[eng](Sorry, only in Swedish)[/eng]

Få information om IETMs Stockholmsmöte 2011[eng]Get informed on the IETM Stockholm meeting 2011[/eng]

MÅNDAG den 11 oktober kl 18-20 på Södra Teatern, uppe i baren

Välkomna till Södra Teatern för att få information ang. att Stockholm arrangerar IETMs möte den 14-17 april 2011.

Detta är ett tillfälle för att ge information och kunna svara på alla frågor som rör hur man kan vara med, vad kommer att hända, varför vi gör det, vilka är vi som arbetar i organisationen, var kommer det att vara etc

Dörrarna låses kl 18.30 så kom i tid.

Vi bjuder på kaffe med dopp.


Eva Broberg
Projektledare IETM Stockholm[eng]MONDAY the 11 Ocotber at 18.00-20.00 at Södra Teatern in the bar.

Welcome to Södra Teatern to get information on the IETM Stockholm meeting the 14-17 April 2011.
The doors close at 18.30.

To find out more contact:

Eva Broberg
Project manager IETM Stockholm[/eng]

Free student places

Get your free place at the international conference Re:Imagining Cultural Space 17-19 November in Stockholm, including a Nordic lab, lunch, coffee, Swedish and international networking, experts and artists from Eastern Europe!

Motivate your place in 200 words. What cultural meeting places do you see in the future and why do you want to participate on the 17th-19th November?
The motivation can be in Swedish or English.

Deadline 22 October

The number of student places are limited.

Polska dokumentären “The Song is Over” visas på Intercult 25/9[eng]Polish documentary “The Song is Over” is screened at Intercult 25/9[/eng]

Den polske teaterregissören Piotr Borowski kommer under september månad att turnera i Sverige för att visa sin dokumentär ”The Song is Over”, en gripande skildring av en kulturs undergång. Filmen visas i Intercults Annex på lördag 25 september. Visningen arrangeras av
Teater Weak/Ciconia projektet – Kultursamverkan mellan Sverige och Polen.[eng]The Polish theatre director Piotr Borowski is on a September tour in Sweden presenting his documentary film “The Song is Over” (in Swedish). It is captivating story about a culture that is dying. The film is presented at Intercult’s the Annex on Saturday 25th September. The screening is arranged by Teater Weak/ The Ciconia project. For more information in English please call +46 (0) 733 450 112.[/eng]

Re:Imagining Cultural Space 17-19 november – Registrera dig nu![eng]Re:Imagining Cultural Space 17-19 november – Registrera dig nu![/eng]

Registrering till Intercults konferens om flexibla kulturutrymmen och mötet mellan policy och praktik är nu öppen. Konferensen är en uppföljning på Re:Designing Cultural Politics från 2009, där en rad europeiska kulturpolitiska frågor diskuterades ingående. Förutom konferensprogrammet kan man bekanta sig närmare med EDI i vår Eurolounge, där man kan få information om olika finansieringsmöjligheter, EUs institutioner och de organ som ansvarar för EUs olika program. Konferensen samlar ett stort antal kulturaktörer och konstnärer från Sverige, Norden och resten av Europa. Missa inte chansen att ta del av diskussionen! Anmäl dig här.

[eng](Sorry, only in Swedish)[/eng]

The Kiss & Waste Project by Anne Lise Stenseth, Norway

This is a flexible, growing, changing, site-specific audio/video installation developed during the Black/North SEAS touring to the coasts of the Black and North Seas.

Presented at Orionteatern
16-19 November during Re:Imagining Cultural Space
Open to the public 16 – 18 November 18.00-20.00.

Free entrance

The Kiss & Waste Project is produced within the framework of Black/North SEAS.

To date the project consists of  13 video essays/portraits made in Black Sea and North Sea countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Norway and England. Stenseth has asked women from each country to write letters to her and imagine that they are the artist’s mother, sister, girlfriend or relative. Stenseth is then using the texts as a manuscript for each video. The letters are read, rehearsed, and interpreted in different ways for the camera, and this is mixed with documentary material.

The diverse content of the videos vary from the personal to the political and the main leitmotifs are identity and migration. Reflections and questions about personal struggle, political transition and changes in contemporary Europe.

The Kiss And Waste Project is a hugely impressive achievement: subtle, diverse and complex in its portrayal of women’s many and varied experiences.
Nottingham Visual Arts

Through the process of working with local women and by using a combination of interpretation and representation, fictional and documentary material I try to encounter and reflect upon different aspects of personal, social and public states of being. “The inner and outer space” so to say.”

Anne Lise Stenseth

Anne Lise Stenseth lives and works in Oslo and has showed her work in many venues nationally and internationally including Museum Folkwang, Germany, Tent, Rotterdam, Liverpool Biennial and countries like Libanon, Kosovo, Russia, China and Australia. She is represented at several museums including The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo and Göteborgs Konstmuseum.

Producer: Tromsø Kunstforening
Support: Norwegian Arts Council

The League of Time by BADco. Croatia

The performance collective BADco. presents a complex operation in time. At the beginning of the new century we ask ourselves: What happens to all future times whose time has run out? What happens when the founding social narratives no longer offer the key to understanding reality?

Photo Ranka Latinović

Presented at Orionteatern
16,17,18 November 20.00

Tickets: Special offer for conference particpants 100 sek, when purchased along with the registration.
Tickets are also sold at and

The League of Time is produced within the framework of Black/North SEAS. BADco. is one of eight co-organisers of the project.

Embark on a theatrical journey through parables of the future and recapitulations of the past, through an archeology of utopian tales and visions never realized. Kafka’s parallel world of an imaginary “Amerika” he never had the chance to visit, the futuristic vision of Mayakovski’s “The Flying Proletarian”. A flight two hundred years into the future during which you will meet the surviving members of the League of Time: an ufologist, a pilot, a man-machine and a cosmonaut, get a bird’s eye view of the Red Square, hear slogans of biocosmists and peak into American psychedelic art.

absolutely brilliant” Nottingham Visual Arts

review of Deleted Messages:
utopian experience” Anna Ångström SvD


BADco. is a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. As a combination of four choreographers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, since its beginning (2000), BADco. has systematically focused on the research of protocols of performance, presenting and observing through structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts.

BADco. reconfigurers established relations between performance and audience, challenging perspectival givens and the architectonics of performance, problematising of communicational structures – all of which makes BADco. an internationally significant artistic phenomenon and one of Europe’s most original performance experiences.

Review of Deleted Messages, by Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet:
… The ensemble manages skilfully to balance this sensitive state so that we relax, smile, make eye contact. The strange becomes familiar and just when the process matures, the performance is over.
The room is left full of warmth, but also of thoughts about how we adapt. The basis for BADco.’s work is both theoretical and conceptual; about art and democracy, about borders and the subtle codes we send and receive. But what makes Deleted Messages a somewhat utopian experience is the feeling of living here and now. Take responsibility.


Authors: Pravdan Devlahović (performance and choreography), Ivana Ivković (dramaturgy), Ana Kreitmeyer (performance and choreography), Tomislav Medak (dramaturgy and performance), Goran Sergej Pristaš (directing), Nikolina Pristaš (choreography), Zrinka Užbinec (performance and choreography).

Collaborators: Helge Hinteregger i Jasmin Dasović (sound design), Tor Lindstrand (set design), Daniel Turing (software), Silvio Vujičić (costume design), Alan Vukelić (light design).

Translators: Marina Antolković, Alisa Terekhova, Marina Miladinov

Company manager: Lovro Rumiha

Based on texts and works by Franz Kafka, Vladimir Mayakovski, Aleksei Kapitonovich Gastev, Július Koller, Georg Schoelhammer, Factory of the Excentric Actor, U.S.C.O., Konstantin Melnikov, Joe Meek, Stano Filko, Owen Hatherley

Coproducers: BADco., Drugo more, Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc
Supported by: Zagreb City Council for Education, Culture and Sport; Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
The production was prepared at the Culture Center Novi Zagreb and Prostor+ in Rijeka.

The League of Time is funded by EU Culture 2007-2013.

Premiere: July 2009 in Rijeka, Croatia

Mikael Löfgren

Writer, cultural critic, lecturer, Kulturverkstan /Gothenburg

Mikael has an academic background in literary history and philosophy. He has worked within a number of culture instituations; literary and theatre critic at Dagens Nyheter since 1990, editor at the cultural magazine Ord&Bild 1985-1989, Swedish Television 1989-1990, dramaturgist at Unga Klara, Stockholm, 1992-1993, lecturing Cultural Studies at University of Gothenburg 1993-94. During the last decade he has participated in and written about the Social Forum movement around the world. For the time being Mikael is head of Kulturverkstan, a project management education at Nätverkstan in Gothenburg. He has written essays on postmodernism, the transformation of labour, different aesthetical and political subjects. Latest book (ed.): Ship to Gaza. Bakgrunden. Resan. Framtiden (Leopard 2010).

Birgitta Persson

Secretary General,  network Trans Europe Halles /Lund

Trans Europe Halles is a European network of 51 independent cultural centres in 26 countries. As Secretary General, Birgitta is running the Coordination Office at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden. She is responsible for the management and staff of the network, the fundraising and economy as well as the strategic planning and organisation of the bi-annual international meetings of the network. After her cultural management studies at the University of Lund, Birgitta started her professional career at the cultural centre Mejeriet in Lund where she worked as Marketing Manager, Project Manager and General Manager for several years. She also organised hundreds of concerts, international youth projects, festivals and exhibitions at Mejeriet. Birgitta is also a member of the Intercult board.

Favourite cultural space: the space which provides the optimal setting and conditions for an intense exchange between the artist and the audience

Main source of inspiration: music, family and friends