Visual Artist /Norway

Anne Lise Stenseth focuses on specific themes that questions different aspects of culture, history and the contemporary. Her interests revolves around cultural difference and similarity, otherness, inter-human relationship and antagonism in the social, political, private and public field. Anne Lise lives and works in Oslo and has showed her work in many venues nationally and internationally including Museum Folkwang, Germany, Tent, Rotterdam, Liverpool Biennial and countries like Libanon, Kosovo, Georgia, Russia, China and Australia.  Over the past 10 years Anne Lise has mainly worked with videoportraits and audiovisual essays, in which the subject of investigation is either person(s), place(s) or both. She explores different ways of storytelling, from the documentary to the fictional and the projects are presented as single or multichannel videoinstallations.
Favourite cultural space: Artist run spaces (temporary or flexible)
Main source of inspiration: People, art, world