Arctic Art Forum is a territory for an interdisciplinary dialogue between art and culture workers, where people-to-people collaboration, grassroots involvement and openness are key factors for the interaction.
The topic of the forum is Embodied Knowledge.
We challenge the understanding of what the capital is, what the contemporary is and what the professional is. We rediscover the unique cultural potential of the capital of the Russian North, which can give new ideas and empower local people. There were no any art academies in the region, but it is still the place where the heritage of Russian folk culture dating back to XI-XIII centuries could be found, as well as Nenets, Komi and other local cultures.
The forum will take place on 21-23 September 2016 and will be an open meeting place for discussions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and concerts.
The forum is organized by the regional office of the Artists’ Union of Russian Federation and Arctic Art Institute in collaboration with Northern (Arctic) Federal University, National Park Russian Arctic and major cultural institutions in Arkhangelsk region.

In case you would like to come to the forum or need assistance with visas and transport, please mail to

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