ARTerial Network is a continental network of artists, cultural activists, arts NGOs, cultural enterprises and others committed to developing African music, dance, theatre, literature, craft, design, visual art and film in their own right, and as means to contribute to democracy, human rights and development in Africa.

Intercult and ARTerial Network have with the release of the Project Management Toolkit for Arts and Culture started a strategic collaboration with the support of the Swedish institute.

Intercult is interested in expanding our activities on the African continent. For many years we have had contacts with African immigrants living in Sweden, building networks and engaging in activities. Our collaboration with ARTerial Network is a more strategic step in developing our relationship with Africa’s creative sector. We hope this Project Management Toolkit for Arts and Culture will be a useful information and training tool; raising the competence of managers in the cultural and creative sector. We are proud to be associated with the ongoing development of a strong African creative sector, one with high artistic integrity, local engagement and global relevance.

ARTerial Network project management toolkit (PDF)