Talk with Anja Susa/Belgrade and Mattias Andersson/Stockholm

Tuesday, 26 October, 18:00 – 19:30
Malo Pozoriste Dusko Radovic


The talk will raise questions about the role of theatre making in shaping social policy and in the wider community, through discourse, narratives and process based practice.

In 2007 Mattias Andersson started the project Crime and Punishment based on the novel by Dostoievski. The project aimed at hearing the voices of the young people living in Gothenburg. The actors and the hole crew researched and worked within and with the communities in Gothenburg in the process phases of the project.

Starting from the presentation of the project by Mattias Andersson, dramaturg and the director of Backa Teatern in Gothenburg, the talk will mirror the visions of two artistic directors that address their theatre programmation and practice to a young audience, trying to invite them at a dialogue and reflection on today’s realities.


Mattias Andersson works as a playwright and director and is the artistic director of Backa Teatern in Gothenburg. His plays have been performed at venues such as Stockholm City Theatre, the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm, Göteborg City Theatre, Malmö Dramatic Theatre and in countries including Denmark, Germany, Romania and Serbia. He was nominated for the Nordic Playwrights’ Prize in 2006 and won the Ibsen Prize in 2007. He won the Expressen theatrical award in 2007 for his production of Crime and Punishment, received the Swedish Theatre Critic’s Award in 2007, and was nominated for the Dagens Nyheter cultural award.

Anja Susa is the general and artistic manager of Little Theatre “Dusko Radovic”. One of the founders and Artistic Director of the Torpedo Theatre Company (1997-2001). During the work in the Torpedo, experimented with the non-drama patterns such as black chronicles newspapers` article, ethno-legends and music, etc. A member of the editing board of the most significant Serbian theatre magazine Teatron and contributor of the magazine TkH. Curator for the selection of BITEF since 2006.

An Intercult initiative. Moderated by Corina Oprea, creative producer, assistant artistic director of Intercult/Stockholm, MA in Cultural Management and Cultural Policies in the Balkans and following a research program as post-master student at Stockholm College University of Art and Design.