Artist and Co-initiator, Community Art Centre laBOMBA /Bucharest

Maria Draghici is an artist, cultural activist and stream founder for The Generosity Offensive Initiative. She is also the artistic director, founder / organizer & coordinator for laBOMBA Rahova-Uranus Community Base. Her professional experience includes work as programme manager (producing, developing programmes and projects), networking, curatorial practice, archive coordinator (concept generator, documentary film-maker, publisher, video composer and editor). Under the initiative of the Generosity Offensive she works as a facilitator and artist, in a creative process based on the collaboration with the community involved. She has also worked on ActiveArt crossdisciplinary projects such as “The Sensitive Map”, “Rahova Nonstop”, “Build Your Community”, “Flexible”, “Urban Mobile Laboratory”. The ActiveArt concepts and projects generated in and for laBOMBA Rahova-Uranus Community Base include “Biluna Jam Session”, “Dialogue Tables”, “Evicted Women Fashion Parade”.

Favourite cultural space: The street

Main source of inspiration: People