Together with our Palestine partner Al-Harah Theater, Intercult is managing the project PARC – Performing Arts Training Center, a vocational school for  theatre in Palestine. The project is supported by Swedish Institute’s program Creative Force. After more than one year of work the school is officially opening it’s doors for students at the end of August.

There is still an opening for a Swedish Stage Manager for the autumn, and we are also looking for international trainers and residency opportunities. Read more:

There is still an opening for a Swedish Stage Manager trainer for the whole or a part of the autumn period.
Travel costs, accommodation, per diems and in case of a longer commitment even a small fee is provided by the project.

PARC is also looking for international (not only Swedish) trainers for the second phase of the program during spring 2015. Experts in Costume design, Sound design, Scenography design and Stage Management are welcome to get in touch.
There is a possibility to come either between February-April or April-June 2015 for a period of 1-3 months.
PARC provides the trainers with accommodation and per diems.

Residencies in Sweden and other countries
After the first year of training the program for students includes a practical part in other countries. A resident student should be involved in a daily work of the receiving theatre.
Through Intercult´s network in Sweden we managed to get some declarations of intention to invite students for residencies at Regional Theatres for October-November-December 2015. More placements are still needed, either in Sweden or in other countries.

Please contact Marina Barham at for more information about the openings and your expression of interest to receive students for residencies in the second part of 2015.

Read more about Al-hara PARC – brochure in english