Culture For Waterfronts is a learning partnership that brings together seven European organisations from culture, politics and governance, who develop a pool of expertise and best cases on the use of culture in urban waterfront development.

The River//Cities Platform initiated this learning partnership together with the platform’s member organisations. The River//Cities Platform is a partnership between cultural, environmental and political initiatives which work in their cities to interact with and develop their rivers or waterfronts as cultural spaces.


Waterfronts are some of the most valuable urban properties that exists. These post-industrial places offer unique central areas where cities can grow. What do we do with this prime territory, and for whom do we do it? Do we want motorways or allow our citizens to be in direct touch with the water? Do all our citizens need expensive hotels and office buildings?

Questions of democracy and participation are raised when politicians decide who to involve in re-designing the urban landscape. It is an important urban, public and democratic challenge that Culture for Waterfronts wants to contribute to by bringing forwards the role of culture in developing waterfronts. The use of culture can facilitate social inclusion, increased civic engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as contribute with intrinsic values of art and culture.