Creative Europe entered into force 2014 with the ongoing first call and the second one approaching in July. In order to make members and stakeholders of ACCESS EUROPA familiar with the application process Intercult is organizing for members of the ACCESS EUROPA platform and the followers an afternoon information session in Stockholm.

Participants will leave with a better understanding of the new program, ability to better identify their strengths and weaknesses in potential application process. The information session also includes a project presentation exchange of three projects that have already developed project ideas and proposals.

Objectives of this info session:
This event aims to offer participants the opportunity to take advantage of experience from experts in the field and learn from their challenges and what they would have done differently given the chance!

Participants are encouraged to bring their ideas and developed proposals in order to get feedback from our experts and progress further in their project proposals.

In addition participants will take a look at project proposals from a different perspective – that of the evaluator! They will learn how applications are scored, learn the “key words” and language appreciated in strong proposals, and evaluate their proposal in a “real life” situation.

Finally time will be dedicated to a discussion about challenges and musts to take into account while considering a project proposal or participation.

TID: Fredagen den 7 mars 2014 kl. 13.00-17.00
PLATS: Intercult Nytorgsgatan 15/ ingång från Sandbacksgatan 8

Medlemmar i Access Europa anmäl er här
Anmälan till Prova på erbjudande för icke-medlemmar

Bekräftade talare:

Bénédicte de Brouwer, Point Contact Culture WallonieBruxelles
Chris Torch, Intercult, projektägare
Amy Fee, Dansens Hus, projektpartner
Fredrik Schirén, Länsteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, projektpartner


12.30-13.00 Registrations

13.00-13.10 Welcome and introduction to the session by Iwona Preis, project manager of ACCESS EUROPA

13.10-14.10 A new programme for the cultural sector: Creative Europe
Bénédicte de Brouwer, Point Contact Culture WallonieBruxelles, also engaged with preparations for the adoption of the new Creative Europe funding programme of the EU.

14.10– 14.30 The Logical method framework
Bénédicte de Brouwer, Point Contact Culture WallonieBruxelles

14.30-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-17.00 Practical session on Creative Europe

This session will be animated by:
Bénédicte de Brouwer, Point Contact Culture WallonieBruxelles
Chris Torch, Senior Advisor at Intercult and Project Manager of Corners of Europe

In this session participants will also have the opportunity to listen to two presentations of Swedish actors experienced in preparing applications for projects within in Culture and Creative Europe, who will reflect on their application processes:

Amy, Fee, Dansens Hus
Fredrik Schirén, Länsteatern Blekinge Kronoberg.

17.00 End of the session, but stay for further talks and a glass of wine!