For one week, more than 10 practitioners from Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Sweden, will gather in Skopje to develop methods for producing choreographic art work.

2129 October 2011
Skopje, Macedonia

This lab is a continuation of the FFW Dramaturgy move-work-talk-shop that was organised in 2010, as a part of Locomotion 3. The lab is a product of our decision to keep developing the process that we initiated with our last year’s participants, focusing primarily on their interests.

The participants of the FFW lab, mostly young artists, have expressed an interest in finding their own work methods that might enable them to produce work in choreography. The Dance and Dramaturgy Lab 2 will begin by directing the individual participants’ focus on specific elements – concepts, methodology proposals, reference materials, techniques – enabling them to pursue their own goals for the duration of the lab.

Ingrid Cogne will be facilitating the discussion sessions during the first days. Midway through the duration of the lab, Ingrid will be joined by a second facilitator, Ivana Ivković, and an internal “showcase” will be organised to help the participants articulate both their proposals and their processes. Each facilitator will expose the participants to different forms of reference material relevant to their work.

Ingrid Cogne will focus on 1) identifying specific protocols and 2) articulating the proposals – in pursuit of the participants’ goals and in discussion with them. Ivana Ivković will focus on analysing the procedures of narrative structures as opposed to form-oriented choreographing.

In addition to participating in the lab, the participants and facilitators are invited to The Curatorial Programme of the Locomotion Festival, where they will get a chance to meet, share, and discuss their works and ideas with the participants of The Curatorial Programme.


Aleksandar Georgiev, Dragana Zarevska, Milka Ivanovska (Macedonia), Igor Koruga (Serbia), Zhana Pencheva (Bulgaria), Rebecca Chentinell, Ana Asplind, and Sarah Cicilia Östholm (Sweden)

Lab Facilitators

Ivana Ivković (Croatia), performing arts researcher and dramaturge working with several regional and international dance companies. Member of the performance collective BADco.

Ingrid Cogne (Sweden), working with choreography, positions herself through series of artistic proposals, by herself and along with others. Also works as dramaturge performer by invitation.

Project Coordinators

Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Lokomotiva, and Corina Oprea


This project is initiated by Intercult Sweden in collaboration with Lokomotiva