den 23 februari, 2017 genomfördes den delen av Audience Links Xchange som tog plats på Europahuset i Stockholm. Hela denna dagen finns nu upplagd på vår Youtubekanal! Klicka här för att komma dit.


What happens to a cultural institution or organization when it decides to transform itself and become more “audience-centric” ? What kinds of capacities, staff development and skills are necessary? How does a committed leadership transfer commitment into concrete and cross-organizational capacity?
leaders: Alessandro Bollo & Alessandra Gariboldi (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, IT)
Anne Torreggianni (Audience Agency, UK)

Part II.  LOCAL PERSPECTIVES: Neighborhoods
During this session we will explore the experiences of cultural organisations, with concrete examples from the Baltic Sea Region, that develop cultural formats for fostering local participatory processes. The participants will present their approaches: how do we involve diverse groups in the creative processes? How do cultural initiatives foster a sense of local community? After mapping the cases from Baltic region, we will create a pilot toolbox for creative communication in public spaces.

Introduction & presentation of River//Cities Platform: Iwona Preis, Intercult (SE)
leader: Jekaterina Lavrinec, (LT), Urban games and research Lab.
Participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, presenting their organisations:

  • Kaspars Lielgalvis, Totaldobžė Art Center (Latvia)
  • Anna Ochmann, Fundation ARTeria (Poland)
  • Ed Carroll and Vita Gelūnienė, Blue Drummers (Lithuania)
  • Iza Rutkowska, Forms and Shapes (Poland)
  • Evelina Šimkutė, Šilainiai project (Lithuania)
  • Diana Popova, LCCA, Survival Kit (Latvia)
  • Indrė Misiulytė, Beepart (Lithuania)
  • Jonas Büchel, Urban Institute (Latvia)
  • Judith Strumilaitė, Street Music Day / Culture Night Vilnius (Lithuania)
  • Ekaterina Sharova, Arctic Art Forum (RU)
  • Ieva Lange, Free Riga (Latvia)