At the latest Intercult conference The Future of Culture Institutions in Europe Sabine Frank presented the OMC-report on diversity.
This report is the outcome of the work undertaken by a group of 25 experts representing EU Member States. The Working Group was launched in December 2012 under the Council Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014, which implements the European Agenda for Culture. The work built upon the results of a previous group, which focused more broadly on how public arts and cultural institutions may improve access and increase participation in culture. The group worked using the Open Method of Coordination (OMC), voluntary cooperation between EU Member States that aims at improving policymaking by exchanging examples of initiatives and lessons learnt. Read the summary here

Read the complete Sabine Frank Keynote speech from the conference:

Sabine Frank Keynote speech 8 Dec 2014

In connection with the groups prospective recommendation for diversity benchmarking in cultural institutions, PIE director, Sabine Frank, was invited to present PIE’s “Brokering Migrants’ Cultural Participation” project which centres around a benchmarking tool for diversity management in cultural institutions. The project was welcomed and several OMC experts offered to collaborate in its implementation. Read Sabine Frank’s account of the OMC-meeting here