Since its inception the Basque Country has been a territory with an ancient and mysterious demographic origin wich has led to a land rich in its entirety.A country with a long history, with its own language, minorized and legendary, that has provided a genuine culture and personality to the land. Power struggles and internal and external political differences over the years have caused too much suffering to this country, situated between Spain and France. With the ceasefire of ETA, today this land is living a new situation that let us face the challenges of a future of coexistence with enthusiasm.

We will base our expedition in three main points. First, we will meet the social context of the post Basque conflict, how the Basque citizens look to the future with open wounds from years of political violence and political struggles. We will know closer how assimilates this situation the Basque citizen, both the one who just has been an observer as the principal actor, sometimes involuntary, of the conflict.

Second and through meetings with artists and creatives , we will approach to the “Euskara”, one of the oldest active languages that exists today. We will see how this culture with its minorized language deals with the future in an increasingly globalized world. We will show the strategies held to unify the use and ensure the survival of this language.

Finally, we will share the strength and the spirit of an organized civil society. We will meet some of the many social movements and we will witness the strength and the organization of the Basque social activism, so necessary to endure and enrich the basque culture and face the new challenges of a globalized world we are living in…

In order to live all these experiences and share the whole wealth of the Basque culture, we will visit both sides of the country, the north part and the south part.

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