The need for developed intercultural strategies to meet the consequences of increased mobility in the world is evident in both policy and practice. We cannot understimate the importance of the two being a close knit for our politicial structures to be the support that cultural practitioners and audience need. Intercult is involved.

EU:s new approach to Audience Development has led to more spinnoffs in places like Helsinki and Prague. Following the conference ”European Audiences: 2020 and beyond” in Brussels, where Intercult’s Chris Torch was moderator, he continues the discussion at Re:Publikum in Prague in April and ”Engaging New Audiences”, Helsinki Fest Spel in August.

Chris Torch has also taken on two expert tasks on intercultural policy for the OMC on Diversity, a report can be expected in November, and the Council of Europe’s Parliament Committee on Culture Science Education and Media, a reflection paper will be presented in January 2014 as a step towards a motion during the Spring 2014.