European Cultural Parliament Youth Network är ett pan-europeiskt nätverk av unga verksamma inom konst och kultursektorn. Syftet med nätverket är att öka kulturens inflytande i Europa och att ge unga en röst.

Run national networks & regular meetings of young culture professionals, Meet yearly on a Pan-European level where we also contribute to the yearly European Cultural Parliament session, Case studies, Surveys and Research in order to improve members’ professional skills, disseminate best practices and impact the working environment for young art – and culture practitioners.  Contribute to the implementation of common projects, Participate in mentoring schemes/ Create synergies with established European Cultural Parliament members


  • Access a local & Pan-European network of students and professionals
  • Opportunity to physically and digitally meet colleagues from all over the European continent.
  • Participation & contribution to meetings, workshops and other events.
  • Peer support and space for project development.
  • Co-create Pan-European case studies, surveys and research on relevant and important topics
  • Profit from the mentoring scheme/ synergies created with established European Cultural Parliament members.
  • Increase the chance of getting your voice heard by regional and national stakeholders and politicians.


  • 2 Coordinators  (selected)
  • 10 national core team members (selected)
  • 100+ 1000 + members of the national network (open)

The selected 10 national team members need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Students, Professionals, Cultural Entrepreneurs (different artistic professions are very welcome within this category), Researchers in the field of Cultural Policy and Management. Young persons from other sectors can also be included in the national teams depending on motivation and experience.
  • Aged 20-35
  • Fluent in English (additional languages a plus)
  • Interested in Intercultural Exchange and Pan European Integration
  • Showing commitment and spend one working hour every week on the networks joint activities
  • Motivation to practically participate in art and culture related activities and being able to demonstrate this

Applicants who are not selected for the national team will still be automatically included in the open ECP-YN networks. Current local ECP YN networks include Germany, Poland, UK, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Kosovo, Ukraine and Romania. Several other local networks are also under development in other countries all over the European continent.

For more information about the ECP and the Youth Network please have a look at the website or contact Johanna Suo, founding member and network coordinator:

Send a one-page CV + a brief motivation letter (max.300 words) to

Deadline: December 21, 2013