Kulturprogrammet för Östra Partnerskapet har för den kommande programperioden tagits över av British Council tillsammans med Goethe Institute med partners från Polen och Moldavien!

Mer info: http://www.euroeastculture.eu/en/news/view-information-note-to-partners-introduction-of-the-new-eastern-partnership-culture-programme.html /

A new EU-funded Eastern Partnership Culture Programme is being implemented by the British Council in association with Goethe-Institut, National Centre for Culture in Poland and Soros Foundation Moldova. The programme, with focal points in each of the countries, will run for three years in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The Eastern Partnership Culture Programme will focus on creative and culture industries, cultural policy development, fostering cross sectorial collaboration in culture and involving Eastern Partnership countries in increased international culture cooperation.

The programme leaders are Terry Sandell, Capacity Development Specialist, Tim Williams, Creative and Cultural Sectors Specialist and Anastasiya Nurzhynska, Information and Communication Specialist. The team will work with country coordinators and be supported by short-term national and international experts.

During the Inception Phase February-April 2015 the team will develop the approach to programme implementation, key activities, mapping, capacity building, a strategy for alliances, communication and visibility issues.

The Programme runs from February 2015 to January 2018.

More info: http://www.euroeastculture.eu/en/news/view-information-note-to-partners-introduction-of-the-new-eastern-partnership-culture-programme.html