Never before have cultural practitioners, producers and artists been in a better position to influence the future as Europe’s culture life join forces.
  • Let’s develop and sharpen the arguments used when advocating for arts and culture!
  • Let’s influence and wake politicians on the local, regional, national and European level!

As a part of Re:Imagining Cultural Space we are more will be presented in a Nordic context.

The we are more campaign is launched by Culture Action Europe – the biggest umbrella advocacy organisation for the arts and culture in Europe. Culture Action Europe currently has over 100 members that together represent over 50.000 arts and culture players across Europe and beyond in more than 14 artistic disciplines. The campaign is run in an open source way, and provide tools on the campaign website that encourage and facilitate for the entire culture sector as well as individuals to get involved in and support the campaign.

Find out more on the we are more campaign site