Writer, cultural critic, lecturer, Kulturverkstan /Gothenburg

Mikael has an academic background in literary history and philosophy. He has worked within a number of culture instituations; literary and theatre critic at Dagens Nyheter since 1990, editor at the cultural magazine Ord&Bild 1985-1989, Swedish Television 1989-1990, dramaturgist at Unga Klara, Stockholm, 1992-1993, lecturing Cultural Studies at University of Gothenburg 1993-94. During the last decade he has participated in and written about the Social Forum movement around the world. For the time being Mikael is head of Kulturverkstan, a project management education at Nätverkstan in Gothenburg. He has written essays on postmodernism, the transformation of labour, different aesthetical and political subjects. Latest book (ed.): Ship to Gaza. Bakgrunden. Resan. Framtiden (Leopard 2010).