Under 2017 kommer det brittiska Southbank Centre i London att arrangera Storbritanniens största festival med fokus på nordisk konst och kultur.

One of our hopes for this year is that we, the Nordics and the UK, can share knowledge about each other. We live in a time where knowledge about and respect for others is crucial to preserving a stable world order. I believe that art plays a more and more important role in making this happen. We also hope that the audiences here will have more than one pleasant surprise throughout the year, and hopefully you will gain new perspectives about what ’Nordic’ really means,” the Norwegian Minister of Culture, Linda Hofstad Helleland, said on behalf of her Nordic colleagues.

Southbank Centre är en av Storbritanniens största kulturinstitutioner med 26 miljoner besökare förra året, och som nu startar den ettåriga Nordic Matters-festivalen. Läs mer HÄR för att få mer information om festivalen.