The primary activities of CORNERS: Research & Development center around a series of ”Xpeditions” – artists/researchers/documenters traveling together with the specific objective to exchange with local artists, associations, students and engaged citizens. We will be guided by our hosts. 25-30 artists, researchers and documenters will journey across areas of Europe too seldom explored, visiting towns, villages and (in some cases) larger cities. We will both listen and animate. Each artist will prepare an action or artwork as a gift.


Participants will come up with proposals for artistic work that are based on or inspired by the research of the Xpeditions. The aim of CORNERS R&D is to develop it into a five year project of co-producing and distributing these artistic works.

Four Xpeditions – four corners of Europe

8-21 August
Xpedition 1 – CORNERS North
Organised by Umeå 2014

27 September – 13 Ocotber
Xpedition 2 – CORNERS Caucasus
Organised by Intercult

Xpedition 3 – CORNERS Balkan
Organised by Exodos (Slovenia), Drugo More and Pogon (Croatia)

Xpedition 4 – CORNERS East
Organised by Gdansk 2016

The route and format

The route of an Xpedition is determined by the partners, the specific conditions and issues of the region, and contacts with local collaborators. All Xpedition follow a certain form with a Gathering, Journey and Sharing.

What is a Gathering?
planning activities, orienting ourselves in the region, terms and conditions, technical preparation, meeting each other and our work. 2-3 days.

What is the Journey?
traveling, observing, meeting local artists (professional and amateur), meeting local activists (social, cultural and environmental), meeting and stimulating local politicians. 10-12 days

What is Sharing?
a public seminar, disseminating our experiences, showing films and slideshows made during the Journey, archiving material, drawing conclusions, planning new partnerships. 2-3 days