As part of the Corners of Europe project, Donostia/San Sebastián, European Capital of Culture 2016, has organised a seminar where three European experts will share their visions and proposals for which strategies to use when it comes to connecting cultural projects and the public.

8th of June
17:00 – 20:00
San Sebastián 2016 headquarters

Live streaming at: website

The three areas of focus for the presentations and the subsequent roundtable session will be mediation and educational programmes, the need for a defined strategy that is tailored to each target audience, and the potential of digital tools when dealing with this task. The event aims to act as an inspiration and benchmark for forging relationships between the public and institutions and cultural projects.

The following guests will be attending the seminar:

Richard Hadley: Founding member of the European Network for Audience Development (Audiences Europe Network) and an expert in audience generation policies, relationships with the public and European projects.

Sepake Angiama: Head of education at the Manifesta Foundation. Expert on mediation and educational programmes.

Raul Ramos: he has directed for five years the exploitation and marketing department of the Arteria international network of theaters and cultural centers of the Fundación Autor, and is a founding member of Asimetrica, a consultancy firm specialized in audience development for cultural organizations.