Artistic Director, Theater Unga Klara /Stockholm

Suzanne Osten has worked with her theatre company Unga Klara for 35 years, as well as with films, TV, radio, essays, and books. She has taken a special interest in the concept of artistic research, the artist herself reflecting. For six years she was professor in directing at the Swedish Research Council, and she has always been passionate about teaching. The roots of her theatre productions come from modernism and is mixed with theatricality. She works to change the view of art for children. Suzanne is a passionate believer in the idea of justice. A lot of her work has focused on childhood or women in the space, dealing with power perspectives such as the child versus parents/adults, gender stereotypes, what the power does with the human being. Her work is based on the collaboration with actors, writers, and set designers who are willing to take risks.

Favourite cultural space: Different streets in the city

Main source of inspiration: Just standing in a street or sitting somewhere