(im)Possible Futures Festival
VAR: Gent, Belgien
NÄR: 11–21 mars 2015
Pointing their eyes towards the future, Ghent-based art centers Vooruit and Campo together with research center S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University) team up in a unique collaboration to compose a ten-day festival and a three-day conference.(im)Possible Futures Festival 
11 – 21 MARCH 2015 
Arts center Vooruit & CAMPO (Ghent, Belgium)

Does It Matter? Composite Bodies & Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary Performing Arts
VAR: Ghent University, Belgien
NÄR: 17–19 mars 2015
Research center S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University) organizes an international conference, in collaboration with (im)Possible Futures, in which they bring the arts and the academic world together. For three days you can attend lectures, workshops, statements and performances at various locations, offering a posthumanist perspective on the performing arts.

Heritage Forum of Central Europe
VAR: International Cultural Centre
 Krakow, Poland
NÄR: 6–20 februari 2015
The International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Poland is organising the 3r edition of the Heritage Forum of Central Europe which will take place on 16 – 18 September 2015. The Forum is focused on The City.

13th European Week of Regions and Cities (Open Days)
VAR: Bryssel
NÄR: 12–15 oktober 2015 with Open Urban Day 14 oktober

European Culture Forum 2015
Konferensen för alla europeiska kulturarbetare viseras till oktober. Datumen är tyvärr inte bekräftade ännu men håll utkik efter våra nyheter på
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