The following applicants and project proposals have been admitted to the Autumn 2011
1. Residency period: 2-16 October

Wasteland Twinning

Will Foster (UK/Berlin), Lars Hayer (Bordeaux/Berlin), Matthias Einhoff (Berlin)

By subverting a concept of ‘City Twinning’ that aims to parade a city’s more predictable and mainstream cultural assets and shifting the focus to Wastelands, questions of value and function will be raised. From these questions, new practices and understanding of the potential of these sites will be developed through cross-disciplinary models of practice.

During the BaseCamp residency the cross-disciplinary team of artists and co-founders of ‘Wasteland Twinning’ want to gather and map a variety of ideas and perspectives on the re-imagining of urban wasteland sites in Stockholm through approaches that work outside of the institutionalized framework of city planning and development.

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Wasteland Twinning

2. Residency period: 5 November – beginning of December

The Visit

Nini Palavandishvili (Tiblisi, Georgia) and Anna Smolak (Krakow, Poland)

For BaseCamp Stockholm the two curators would like to extend and develop the project “The Visit”, originated by Anna Smolak and through common interests elaborated during her stay at GeoAIR residency in February 2011. The project is based on the research of different ethnic, cultural and religious groups living in chosen cities (Tbilisi, Krakow, Stockholm).

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3. Residency period: December

The Parcel Project

Jody Hegel and Jana Jevtovic

Jana Jevtovic and Jody Hegel are two dance artists, both creators and performers, who first met in Montreal, Canada. The Parcel Project marks their first instance of working together as co-creators. The proposed project is based around the idea of a personal correspondence between two people. As the two will be separated, working and living on two continents for the next six months, this notion has come up as the solution for a way to continue a collaborative relationship. In the coming six months they will correspond with each other.

During the residency at BaseCamp Stockholm they plan to meet, open the collection which makes up the correspondence and begin build a performance together, exploring the possibilities of translating private experience to a public sphere.

How can we retain the essence of a personal experience as it is shared beyond ourselves?