CORNERS Ersboda, 16–30 November 2014
in collaboration with Umeå 2014

“Our events place will be Ersboda, a suburb of Umeå. We will turn Umeå from inside out. In the center of Umeå, there’s the Glasshouse which will be the invitation window for events in Ersboda.
Our partners in Ersboda and Umeå 2014 are a great help and despite the long dark nights in November, we are sure, that we will bring some lights, sounds and joy in that community.”
Natasa Zavolovsek, producer/coordinator CORNERS

CORNERS will present 4 projects in Umeå 16–30 November:

The artists and teachers Nedyelko Delchev and Maciek Salamon will tell stories about famous artists and guide the kids through the process of making birdhouse galleries. The kids will make wooden houses for birds. Each one of them will be different and each of them will be a work of art created by kids. These birdhouse galleries will be shown in public spaces.

International artists:
Maciek Salamon (Poland) – musician, artist, teacher
Nedyalko Delchev (Bulgaria) – director, artist, teacher

The Skart group will teach the kids how to write and paint. Nils Persone will play his saxophone, and the kids will make and play special instruments. Kajsa Sandstrom will dance and play with mirrors, and Primož Bezjak and Borja Ruiz will tell secrets about how to become a good actor.
In the end, a miracle will happen: all together – the artists and the kids – will create a performance.

International artists:
Dragan Protic (Serbia) – artist, poet
Djordje Balmazovic (Serbia) – artist, designer
Kajsa Sandström (Sweden) – dancer, coreographer
Nils Personne (Sweden) – musician, composer
Borja Ruiz (Baskien/Spanien) – director, actor

Photo/videoprojections by artists from Sweden/Sapmi and Ukraine, focusing on the Tatar people  (a minority in Ukraine/Crimea) and the Sami people.

International artists:
Kateryna Radchenko (Ukraine) – photographer, artist
Sergiy Petlyuk (Ukraine) – artist, photographer
Oskar Östergren (Sweden/Sapmi) – photographer
Lena Stenberg (Sweden/Sapmi) – artist

The artists are working together with the locals in public and common spaces; with sound, creative lighting, artistic objects…

International artists:
Paula McFetridge (Northern Ireland) – director, actor
Sinisa Labrovic (Croatia) – actor, artist
Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia) – artist
Juan Aizpitarte (Basque/Spain) – videoartist
Helena Wikström (Sweden) – photographer, artist

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