Writer, Teacher, Cultural Analyst, Felix Meritas Fellow /Amsterdam

Dr. Dragan Klaic (Amsterdam), a Visiting Professor of Cultural Policy at the Central European University in Budapest, teaches also regularly at the Bologna, Leiden, Istanbul Bilgi and University of Arts Belgrade. Initiator and Chair of the European Festivals Research Project. Writer, lecturer, researcher, author of several books such as Terrorism and Modern Drama (with John Orr) 1990, The Plot of the Future 1991, an exilic memoir Exercises in Exile (2004), Europe as a Cultural Project (2005) and Mobility of Imagination, a companion guide to international cultural cooperation (2007) and of many articles in journals and books. esp. on the contemporary performing, arts, cultural policy and international cultural cooperation. He co-authored the recently shortlisted application of Lublin (PL) to become the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2016.

Favourite cultural space: Market La Boccheria, Barcelona
Main source of inspiration: my students and my artist friends