Culture Action Europe is proud to announce that Mr Robert Manchin has unanimously been elected as the President of Culture Action Europe at an Executive Committee meeting held in Brussels on Friday, 27th November. He succeeds Ms Mercedes Giovinazzo under whose leadership the organisation has greatly developed and grown.Â

Mr Manchin, the Executive Committee members, and the Secretary general Mr Luca Bergamo express their gratitude and admiration to Ms Giovinazzo and the other Executive Committee members whose mandate came to the end in 2015: in particular Ms Simone Dudt, Mr Philippe Fanjas and Ms Emina Visinic who served as Vice-presidents, and Ms Isabelle Battioni, Ms Lillian Fellman, Ms  Katherine Heid.Â

Europe is a project of peace, democracy and human rights and it is under threat. Its future closely depends on cultural factors and on the role played by culture and cultural operators in shaping our societies. CAE’s President, Executive Committee and Secretary General confirm Culture Action Europe’s dedication to bringing culture to the heart of public debate and decision-making by forging alliances that cross all borders for the benefit of the people of Europe.

In conjunction with the election of Mr Manchin (HU), CAE’s Executive Committee completed the organisation’s Praesidium with Ms Clymene Christoforou (UK) remaining as Treasurer, and Mr Alex Mezsmer (CH) and Ms Julia Pagel (DE) elected as Vice-presidents.  The full Executive Committee includes: Ms Angie Cotte (FR), Mr Antonio Gucciardo (ES), Mr Chris Torch (SE), Ms Cristina da Milano (IT), Mr Hernik ZIpszane (SE), Mr Julek Jurowicz (BE), Mr Teodor Celakoski (HR).Â

The Executive Committee will convene again at the end of January to discuss the organisation’s plans and prepare CAE’s Members’ Forum that will take place in Brussels between 9 and 11 March 2016. Â
Brussels, 30th November 2015.