Dramaturgist and Co-initiator, Artist collective BADco. /Zagreb

Since 1994 Goran Sergej Pristas has been a professor at the Academy of Drama Art, University of Zagreb. From 1990 to 1992, he was artistic director of the SKUC theatre. In 1993 a dramaturge and member of the artistic council of &TD theatre. 1994 – 1999 a dramaturge in theatre group Montazstroj. He has written a few short scripts for documentary films. As a dramaturge, he has participated in numerous dance and theatre productions. Program coordinator in Centre for Drama Art (CDU) since 1995. President of the board of CDU from 2000-2007. Founder and editor-in-chief (1996-2007) of Frakcija, a magazine for the performing arts (one of the most highly respected performing magazines in Europe). Goran is co-initiator of the project Zagreb – Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000. He is also director, producer, dramaturge and performer in internationally presented artistic collective BADco.