The performance collective BADco. presents a complex operation in time. At the beginning of the new century we ask ourselves: What happens to all future times whose time has run out? What happens when the founding social narratives no longer offer the key to understanding reality?

Photo Ranka Latinović

Presented at Orionteatern
16,17,18 November 20.00

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The League of Time is produced within the framework of Black/North SEAS. BADco. is one of eight co-organisers of the project.

Embark on a theatrical journey through parables of the future and recapitulations of the past, through an archeology of utopian tales and visions never realized. Kafka’s parallel world of an imaginary “Amerika” he never had the chance to visit, the futuristic vision of Mayakovski’s “The Flying Proletarian”. A flight two hundred years into the future during which you will meet the surviving members of the League of Time: an ufologist, a pilot, a man-machine and a cosmonaut, get a bird’s eye view of the Red Square, hear slogans of biocosmists and peak into American psychedelic art.

absolutely brilliant” Nottingham Visual Arts

review of Deleted Messages:
utopian experience” Anna Ångström SvD


BADco. is a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. As a combination of four choreographers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, since its beginning (2000), BADco. has systematically focused on the research of protocols of performance, presenting and observing through structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts.

BADco. reconfigurers established relations between performance and audience, challenging perspectival givens and the architectonics of performance, problematising of communicational structures – all of which makes BADco. an internationally significant artistic phenomenon and one of Europe’s most original performance experiences.

Review of Deleted Messages, by Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet:
… The ensemble manages skilfully to balance this sensitive state so that we relax, smile, make eye contact. The strange becomes familiar and just when the process matures, the performance is over.
The room is left full of warmth, but also of thoughts about how we adapt. The basis for BADco.’s work is both theoretical and conceptual; about art and democracy, about borders and the subtle codes we send and receive. But what makes Deleted Messages a somewhat utopian experience is the feeling of living here and now. Take responsibility.


Authors: Pravdan Devlahović (performance and choreography), Ivana Ivković (dramaturgy), Ana Kreitmeyer (performance and choreography), Tomislav Medak (dramaturgy and performance), Goran Sergej Pristaš (directing), Nikolina Pristaš (choreography), Zrinka Užbinec (performance and choreography).

Collaborators: Helge Hinteregger i Jasmin Dasović (sound design), Tor Lindstrand (set design), Daniel Turing (software), Silvio Vujičić (costume design), Alan Vukelić (light design).

Translators: Marina Antolković, Alisa Terekhova, Marina Miladinov

Company manager: Lovro Rumiha

Based on texts and works by Franz Kafka, Vladimir Mayakovski, Aleksei Kapitonovich Gastev, Július Koller, Georg Schoelhammer, Factory of the Excentric Actor, U.S.C.O., Konstantin Melnikov, Joe Meek, Stano Filko, Owen Hatherley

Coproducers: BADco., Drugo more, Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc
Supported by: Zagreb City Council for Education, Culture and Sport; Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
The production was prepared at the Culture Center Novi Zagreb and Prostor+ in Rijeka.

The League of Time is funded by EU Culture 2007-2013.

Premiere: July 2009 in Rijeka, Croatia