CORNERS-konstnärerna Kateryna Radchenko och Sergiy Petylyuk deltar i ett samtal om konst och motstånd, med bilder från Majdan i Kiev under förra vintern och våren. Ni är välkomna att vara med, ställa frågor och öppna ett fönster mot ett osäkert hörn i Europa.
Utställningen i Glashuset håller öppet både innan och efter samtalet, på Rådhustorget.

Arts & Conflict Read More… / CORNERS artists Kateryna Radchenko and Sergiy Petlyuk spent time at the Maidan Square in Kiev last winter and early Spring. They were not alone. The Maidan became a gathering place for different opinions, ages and cultural expressions. The arts played a central part in creating an environment for (temporary?) resistance. Kateryna, photographer and visual artist, has documented some of the creativity released during those months. She presents a slide show tells us some of the stories. Sergiy adds his perspective and experiences. Both are part of the CORNERS project LIGHT, together with Swedish artists Oskar Östergren and Lena Stenberg, with whom
hey traveled to both Norrland and southern Ukraine. Their common work is presented in Glashuset on Rådhustorget., daily 13:00-19:00 indoors and at all hours from the outside, 21-29 november. An installation about light, darkness and the distance between, about shadows and land which sometimes breaks our hearts.
The two artists are invited to share with us for a couple of hours, over a cup of coffee, in the Vardagsrummet at REX, just above Umeå 2014’s offices. Saturday 22/11, 13-15