Document template (zipped dot-file)

The document template is used to create nice presentations of project descriptions and briefs etc. The document template uses the font Arial, which means that it can be opened and used in Word by anyone as Arial is a standard font. Please note that you always distribute a document in a pdf-format if you do not intend for anyone to edit it.

Event template (zipped dot-file)

The event template requires that you have the font Gotham Light Condensed installed on your computer. Gotham is used for the title.
This template is used for Intercult events.

Report template (zipped dot-file)

The report template has three levels for titles (named the Swedish “Rubrik”) which makes it useful for longer texts that need a structure. The Intercult logo is only used for the first page.  The first page header and the header for the other pages are edited separately.